[Release] Clipbucket Version 2.8.3

Dear ClipBucket Community,

We are glad to announced that we have released ClipBucket 2.8.3 today. It fixes and improves some important aspects of ClipBucket.

ClipBucket 2.8.3 comes with enhancements and a lot of bug fixes. We have worked to fix all bugs reported in the previous version and improved the performance of the script in live environment. Our major focus in this version was to fix bugs and improve all the features and we hope that you will like the improvements.

New Admin Area Dashboards
New Stats and graph view
New Playlist feautes
Playlist control in admin area
Mass email issue fixed
Cpanel conflict issues fixed
Faster than previous versions of ClipBucket
Social Beast plugin for adding social account links in footer
Improved conversion logs
Improved error handling
Improved video Privacy feature
Faster & more user friendly

Download V 2.8.3
Demo Link

Enjoy using ClipBucket and give us your feedback.

Cheers and Greetingsā€¦


thank you for your efforts and supports Appreciated

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Well done! Thank you!

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Good job Aliwan and all CB team

I will upgrade later when it will be 9 version, for the moment CB is working well

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Excellent update, hope that for the next better versions the search engine and include in the option to search by playlist. It would also be nice to improve the playlist with a view option similar to youtube.


Something that I have not noticed and is that the videos that load by Embed, do not load is to say the player does not appear on the page, instead that leaves the space odmitido.

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Cast option still not show on the player.

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