Remove all users with registration date equal to last login


I would like to remove all users who have a registration date equal to the last login.
All these users are just bots that have posted spam in their profile. I would like to delete all these users and their channel from the clipbucket database correctly without leaving garbage.

is it sufficient to make a delete by creating a link between the two tables cb_users and cb_user_profile with the corresponding condition?
Could you tell me how to do it correctly?



I would like to know if this query containing the relationships between the two tables cb_users and cb_user_profile is sufficient to completely remove the users, their profile and everything else concerning them

DELETE cb_users, cb_user_profile
FROM cb_users INNER JOIN cb_user_profile ON cb_users.userid = cb_user_profile.userid 
where DATE_FORMAT(last_logged, '%Y%m%d') = DATE_FORMAT(doj, '%Y%m%d') AND web_url != "" or profile_desc != ""