Search Results should be inverted



Search results should display LATEST videos not OLDEST

In “search.class.php”, order =“DESC”

When i change something, nothing change in search results !


Upgrading to 4.1 and nothing changed, but on another CB website the search results are displayed recents first !!!

How you want understand anything with this !!!


Hi. There should be “$sort_order” instead of “$sory_order” I think. Maybe it will help. I can’t definitely confirm this because it works for me even without changes.


You’re right Adam, thank you !

I changed it from “$sory_order” to “$sort_order” but nothing changed !

At CB problems stay the same since many years !!


I have 3 CB websites and order of the search results is different :slight_smile:

On first website results display oldest videos
On second website results display newest videos
On third website the results is mixed, oldest and newest

WTF ??? :slight_smile: