SEO Links & How-Tos


I’m not sure if I created already an topic for that but I’m creating now a topic for that :slight_smile: this is a very good SEO-Website you can get there informations how you can fix SEO issues of your website, this helped me. you can check here to your website.

This is not a SEO-Website but you can there calculate the worth of your website, I tested many websites to calculate the worth of my website and this here comes very near to the estimated visitors and other factors, try it out.

If you knows other Website checking SEO please post it to the topic


The websites that you mentioned in your post solves your minor problems but for some hardcore SEO you need to use Google search and some tools such as Ahrefs for examining your competitors performance, analyse their backlinks, Google Keyword Tool for finding some profitable keywords.

You can use CB SEO plugin for setting up your Meta details for the website and for the pages. Other than that, You need to submit your site on Google, Yandex and Bing webmaster tool.


Yes this is correct but the first both links helped me. I’m trying now out the CB See Plugin