Server Modules Check not opening


Not sure where to post this but when I try to check “Server Modules Info” it doesn’t open like it’s stuck in a loop? I’m using the latest version, it seems to be “waiting for a response”. I’m using Windows 10 and Ampps, I’m also going to ask Ampps why it’s taking so long to load up So the advice was to turn off my firewall to see if that helped which it did for but still couldn’t get Server Modules Info to open :frowning: So today I can’t even get to that page to even click the link

Nevermind Ampps is using PHP 7.1.8


Without saying hi and thanks in advance, I fear it will be hard to get an answer.


True but it wouldn’t really matter any way until Ampps gives an option of PHP 7.1.0 as well as what is already in there, but any way hi lol


The path to your php is incorrect, need to fix this under Website configuration


Actually the only things that were incorrect was mediainfo and MP4Box but when I corrected them that’s when the loop seemed to happen but as I said I’m using Ampps which is using PHP 7.1.8, I already had the other paths working :slight_smile: Thank you for replying though :slightly_smiling_face: Besides I only see " ToDo List Personal Notes Recent Comments" if I try to access Admin area after setting all paths :confused:


Downgrade your php version to 7.0 and check MySQL strict mod.


Got to wait for Ampps to add 7.0 back to it


I was experiencing the same issue with mine even I had all the path correct and I was on version 7.2 but that wasn’t my issue. When I downgraded to 7.0, I was still experiencing the loop until I fixed the php path.

Cpanel offer more than one php version and the /usr/bin/php or /usr/local/bin/php was causing me this issue until I change it to the actual php 7.0 bin in cpanel which is /opt/cpanel/ea-php70/root/usr/bin/php I have not use Ampps but I am aware it support multiple php versions so make sure your php is really at version 7.0 or the path is pointed to the php 7.0 binary file.


Yup 5.6 and 7.1.8, however I can’t even access the admin panel properly after configuring so I’m unable to direct anything lol also I’m running it on my PC and not using a c-panel