Site Hacked (one more time)



I still have malware files on my website, it’s not the first time, i think there’s a security hole, a door opened to hackers, i already deleted all files and reupload new files but the problem back !


Upgrade to the latest source code from GitHub for the latest security fixes.


Wich permissions has your folders and files? Setup the folder permissions to 755 and the files permissions to 644.


I upgraded (already did it with the same version), the iframe has been removed but all my settings are gone !!!

Name of the website now is CLIPBUCKET and same for description and all other settings !


Okay before you made upgrade did you a backup from the root of your website and database?

And where you checked that you site is/was hacked?

Do you had ads on you website, that was an iframe code, I’m asking this because the link looks like an ad link


Unfortunately i didn’t made a backup of the website and i have no ads, probably the malware was uploaded by a user, security is not enough on CB i think, i’v been hacked many more times since many years !

Thanks for your reply Trabzone


@Vesontio If your website is “Vesontio .com”, then mine.js is still somewhere in the site code as I get many detections by McAfee.


Hello Pcmcis, it’s not this website, but the problem is hole security in CB files