Solution - Fixed wrong Character and no convert videos after updated from Clipbucket 2.8 to 4.2 RC1


I took a big scare when upgraded from 2.8 to 4.2 CR1, i was watching all process and nothing happens when i was uploading my new videos with:

ps -aux | grep -i ffmpeg
ps -aux | grep -i php

i have a local server config with spanish language, once upgraded i show the list of issues:

  • wrong character
  • no convert videos, i can upload, but i cant see them in the video manager.
  • buttons empty with no labels, that for my language pack (optional for spanish users, if you hacked your own language)


We will assume that you have access to the console, if you use cpanel you can use your mysql manager, phpmyadmin and your file manager


  • after updated your clipcubket make a backup of your database

mysqldump -u user -p db_clipbucket > backup_db_clipbucket.sql


Download the same version of clipbucket that yout updated, and Make a new install of clipbucket, a total fresh clipbucket with a new database( ex: new_db_clipbucket), temporarily

How create new database for a new installation:

sudo mysql -u root -p
(enter your password and then your password mysql)

mysql> create database new_db_clipbucket;
mysql> grant all privileges to new_db_clipbucket.* to 'YourUser' identified by 'Password_for_User';
mysql> flush privileges;
mysql> exit

and install the new clipbucket to this database: new_db_clipbucket

config the …include/dbconnect.php with your user, password and database in the new clipbucket with your fav. editor

 $BDTYPE = 'mysql';
 //Database Host
 $DBHOST = 'localhost';
 //Database Name
 $DBNAME = 'new_db_clipbucket';
 //Database Username
 $DBUSER = 'YourUser';
 //Database Password
 $DBPASS = 'Password_for_User';
 //Setting Table Prefix



Copy from your updated clipbucket your videos, only the content of the “file” directory to the new clipbucket.
(dont override files)

now delete all archives in the temp directory in the new clipcbucket

dont open yet your new clipbucket, because we need fix the characters.

Thats it for now, in the next step we fix the characters of the database updated from cb 2.8 to 4.2 CR1 (backup_db_clipbucket.sql) and we gonna upload the database to the new_db_clipbucket on mysql


I try changing the set names, character and collation of my database in the configuration of my mysql server for clients and server, and nothing happens, in the dbconnet.php i uncomment the set names, collation, etc and was not fixed the characters, maybe in the updated files something happens with the permissions files or in the database with the characters when was updated, so i used notepadd++ for convert manually my database, dont forget your sql file is a plan text.

Lets go…

  • We made a backup of our database in the first step, open your sql backup (backup_db_clipbucket) file with Notepad++.
  • Select All (CTRL+A) and Copy (CTRL+C).
  • Create New File (CTRL+N).
  • Now Paste (CTRL+V).
  • and go to format - encoding in UTF-8 (NOTE: NOT CONVERT IN UTF-8 is not the same).
  • Now save your file with extensión sql (CTRL+ALT+S), and write between quotation marks, like this “db_utf8_clipbucket.sql”.

Now upload your new fixed database to the database new_db_clipcbuket

mysql -u YourUser -p new_db_cllipbucket < db_utf8_clipbucket.sql

that’s it, open your clipbucket from your browser.

NOTE: for users of phpmyadmin, if you have problems with the import of your new database, open again and delete this lines:

-- phpMyAdmin SQL Dump
-- version 4.8.3
-- Servidor: localhost
-- Tiempo de generación: 15-03-2019 a las 21:15:33
-- Versión del servidor: 10.0.38-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
-- Versión de PHP: 7.0.33-0ubuntu0.16.04.2

if you gonna change your domain or ip address, open the database with phpmyadmin and config the baseurl and basedir in the table cb_config, change and save.

For the lang in spanish i have this hack, work from cb 2.x to 4.2 CR1 and others and future clipbucket’s -

Thanks to Clipbucket team for share this awesome script open source … keep free

Clipbucket in my house, working good now!!!