SOLVED - Capcha activated and visable but dont work


Hi, I have modified parts of my site to better suite my needs… I have done something to capcha and I cant figure out where the error is…

If I activate Capcha I get it on the sign-on page but if you dont complete the capcha you still get an user registered and you get the activation mail.

Can anyone direct me to the files I need to change back to original to get it to work the way it is supposed to?

I have reset signup.html and signup.php to original without success.

---- STEP BY STEP ----
Capcha is activated
Capcha is visible on signup page
If i dont do anything with capcha I get error message “Captcha Verification Failed. Kindly Try again.”
Account is still created and varification e-mail sent

Where is my error?


Solved! I configured a defauly Google Captcha