*Solved* Error with user category not working

When i try to add a user i get an error to select a category. The category box display ABGCP and does not display any existing categories.

Site is currently running on Ubuntu 18.04, PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7.30 and CB 4.1 STABLE.
It was upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04, PHP 5, MySQL 5.5.53, and CB 2.8.1.
CB was upgraded to 2.8.2 then 2.8.3 then OS was upgraded to 18.04. Then CB was upgraded to 4.0 and then 4.1. Everything else is working. It appears to only be an issue with the user categories.

Update - 05/06/2020
I upgrade MySQL to 8.0.20 - Still same issue with the user category.
Upgraded site to 4.2 RC1 - Still same issue with the user category.

Everything else is still working except for adding users.

Thanks for any help.

Did some more testing with the categories for users, videos and collections. I can modify existing categories, but i can not add any new ones. For videos i am able to select from the existing video categories without issue.

update - I renamed the existing user_category table and recreated it from the structure.sql file. Still getting the same issue. Unable to add new users. Getting error must select a category, but there a none listed to select from only see “ABGC”. also can not add user or video categories. I have looked through the mysql logs and the apache logs and find nothing there. Any one have any ideas?

After recreating the category tables. They work everywhere except for the add member page. I can add video ones and they can be selected during video uploads as well as in the manager vidoe screens. I cna also add categories for users. They show up when i edit a user and can be selected. They are just not working on the add member screen.

Found the fix. Fix was part of this https://github.com/MacWarrior/clipbucket-v5/issues/60

in the entry by lodhja
Fix was the following:
line 427 of upload/includes/classes/form.class.php

$field[‘value’] = ‘’;
$field[‘value’] = array();

Made the change to the file and now it is working.