[Solved] Log changes from one version to another

I’m looking for the log of changes from one version to another. In particular I’m interested the solution to the pagination of the three dots off container:

For example, the phpBB’s code changes are here: https://area51.phpbb.com/code-changes/
There is a kind of area 51 also for ClipBucket? Where can I find the code changes of the various versions?


Try Github commits list

Hope it helps

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer

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$hellip = '…';

Replace with:

$hellip = '<a>&hellip;</a>';
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this change does not resolve the pagination on the search page. A temporary solution can be:

Replace with:

$hellip = '<li><a>&hellip;</a></li>';

The problem is to be found here: Tag <li> </li> in excess, after each page number in video pagination