SRT Files and how to use them with CB Player



Anyone know if it’s possible to use SRT files with videos in CB player ?

SRT files is the subtitles caption in Youtube CC, translation of the video


We have subtiles module in our premium version.


My dear Ali, First the price is too expensive now at CB, second i already purchased plugins that never worked included the expensive plugin “Paid Subscription Module” who never worked !!

Thanks fo your reply and have a nice day


Paid Subscription Module does work fine for me and I have also integrated different payment gateways.


Did you submit a support ticket for the issues you faced with Paid Subscription Module? It was one of their best plugins but it was a very complex plugin due to the features and configurations.


There’s 2 or 3 years (or more) when new CB version was released, Alex told me “Paid Subscribtion Module” no more working with new CB, old plugins no more working with new CB release and old CB version is no more working with new version of PHP on most hosters,

I purchased also the logo on player but the player changed, old player no more working on mobiles, useless purchase also, i stopped purchase at this point :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply BigStack