Suggestion : Replace Source Video File with New HD Video File


i would like to Suggest you new feature in upcoming version of Clip Bucket,
Replace the source video file with new one… the reason is some time we upload low resolution video to our clip bucket website after some time we get the HD Version of the video it would be very easy to replace the HD video with old Low resolution video… for demonstration i have create a short video from
vimeo is currently supporting the feature.

watch the video.


You just need to replace the file via FTP


but it will be not web optimize. it will take time to convert it to multiple resolution like 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p Manually and the upload it to a correct folder/path.


If you only have a few to replace. Just use a program like Handbrake. Be sure to click web optimized. Use ftp to put it into the correct directory. Rename it to match the other files from that video and add an identifier before the mp4 extension. Such as 720, SD, HD, 1080, etc. (example: 148060747918ac3-sd.mp4)
If it has the correct name it will just show up as one of the resolutions the viewer can choose.

I would not want my regular users to be able to change the video after it is uploaded. They might upload a video of a car and later change it to a video of something illegal. Does the software check to be sure it is the same video? Maybe an admin could be trusted.


My suggestion would be to avoid going any of such routes if you are not good with servers and have basic understanding of how ClipBucket code works. That’s because when you go down to file system and do things manually, there is so much that go wrong.

My recommendation is to upload a new video with HD file and rename it something like ‘Xyx Video HD’ or ‘Xyx Video 2’ or something similar and then add link to description of previously uploaded low quality video.

Saqib Razzaq
ClipBucket Developer