The new beginning of Clipbucket

Looks like is free version is dead, no more comment no one ask for help no more plugins or themes. After they add an incredible price with new premium plans, but free version keep having same issues and after have an extremely expensive app this looks dead.

I’m using this script for more than 5 years I love it, but looks dead and future of the free version looks dark, don’t know if keep using the free version and then no more releases or support.

Those expensive versions have a lot more features and a lot of significant on it and subcategories system don’t work just try you will see it don’t work. The themes are ugly including the new enterprise wetube

sounds like people stop using clipbucket to use other alternative, I know there are few, but no one have a good sub categories system and some dont let add embed code from anywhere.

I’m using it since 2011, i still believe it’s one of the best video script on the market but the job has never been finished, important bugs still here and there’s new bugs.

CB team trying to sell premium version while the free script needs to be debugged first !!

I didn’t found any alternative to CB, all other video scripts sucks or they are out of price !!

What should we do now ? CB team selling their premium script at an incredible price!

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Dear Ctarrosado,

Thank you for expressing your concerns, your opinions matter a lot to us and the opensource community is the real base of ClipBcuekt and we will never abandon it. I know the focus had been shifted to the premium version but all the features and templates in the Enterprise package are according to the popular user requirements and we had to add those to improve the sales and support our team.

Our team have always loved to work for the opensource and this is the real paltform where we can innovate and introduce new ideas. There will be new updates and releases in the open source version soon, we are working on making some changes and you will soon see the affects. I assure you that what you’ve called death is just a new beggining for ClipBucket.

We hope to have your support through this.

Thank you.

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aliwancb, well i really like and sites like probe that this script can handle a huge amount of data and users connected i like that, but as other mention every time i update i need to work on the script to fix same issues like charset issues with dif characters like latin that the script shows question mark. Im using too for many years people cant upload videos because upload button dont work.

things like playlist now is a only feature for expensive packages, but my big concern i dont see no one here asking for help or share modifications or themes no more.

Looks like you are not doing very well job promoting the script i know is on fantastico that is good, but the discourse is dead i came an no one wrote.

All my servers was hacked because of issues on your script.We need more i know the script is free i love that but there are big competitors.

We need like other script that we can just gran many videos as we want from youtube daily motion or vimeo from admin panel, can search by youtube channel playlist too or just any word that is great.

Others we can just add youtube url and the script bring all the date including the video thumb, clipbucket need that im paying for years 30 a month on videoswiper just to to something similar.

On regular script the free one we need on watch video a cinema video size as you have on the premium packages if we want to compete.