Unable to upload videos to my website

Hello, I’ve recently setup clipbucket on my website with all modules installed correctly and all paths set correctly, and when i try to upload a video, everything works up to “submit now”, when i click it the page refreshes to manage videos page and nothing is there, and the video never uploads at all.


Welcome to the ClipBucket community. Is the submit now button Clickable?
What are the server specs?

Hi theFunnyBone, welcome to the ClipBucket community

i can click the submit button, and it said video details successful, and then the page refreshes and the video doesnt upload. the server specs are 1 vCPU, 2 GB of RAM, 55 GB of SSD storage, Gigabit Internet and 2 TB of bandwith.

Maybe it’s a permission problem: try setting file and folder permissions to 777

everything that is needed to be set to 777 is already set to that.

it turns out that my hosting was the issue. i switch it and now it works.

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