Upgrade from V2.8.3 to V 4.1


Hello together.

Sorry, but I’m really confused about the new Version 4.1.

I have a running V2.8.3 on my Windows Environment and can not find any upgrade instruction for the new version 4.1.
And the Links that I found in the Documentation (README_WIN32.txt) are not working.

Whats wrong?

Can you please add a usefull documentation and describe me why I can not find a Version 3 or something like this? Why is there a Step from 2.8 to 4.1? Did I miss something?

Thank you


Windows environment is not supported with ClipBucket if you’ve configured things well, try not changing anything in the configurations, here is generic upgrade guide: https://discourse.clipbucket.com/t/clipbucket-update-upgrade-guide/1996