Upgrade to 2.7.6 > all videos are lost?


I had a very old version of clipbucket installed and left it like that for a while since clibucket was not updating anymore. However now that i found that it is maintained again i did a big upgrade to 2.7.6. All went well. All users, categories, photos and groups are still there however all the videos are gone. They (the files) are still on the server though. Now i do have a backup of the old database and i was wondering how i can fix this issue.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


The problem might be some missing sql-statements in the upgrade-part. I manually edited (added a couple of rows) my database with phpmyadmin (comparing the old and new database).


@mnim85 could you please further elaborate upon what to do to fix this?



Compare the structure of the table “cb_video” (or use the search function, I’m pretty sure I already posted the answer here)


@mnim85 Hi, i did do some searching but could not find anything. Can you help me out with finding an older topic on this? Or maybe further explain what you mean with ‘structure of the cb_video table’ ?

Please help me out on this. I have a site with a lot of videos so i dont want to go with a clean install, though i am not much of a scripter so i am not sure what to look for.



Check your database in phpmyadmin (or something similar), look for the table cb_video and compare the structure (rows). When you don’t know how to use phpmyadmin or a similar tool, google it.


@mnim85 i tried dropping the new cb_video table and importing the new one but no changes.


Follow following steps carefully . .
Your Cb version will be upgraded successfully with out any data loss .

  1. Download ClipBucket source of your live site except ‘files’ directory and export its database.
  2. Now setup the ClipBucket locally using downloaded source and exported sql (DB) and create an empty ‘files’ directory. This is to run and test upgrade locally.
  3. Once local site is working and home page is accessible, replace the source and follow upgrade guide of ClipBucket 2.7.
  4. Once source is replaced you will be redirected to local_site/cb_install
  5. Follow the steps and click upgrade
  6. Once upgrade is done you can access website again
  7. Go to admin area, login and change the template to 2.7
  8. Your site should be accessible
    We suggest you to first try it on your local machine if you will faces no issue then we will suggest you that how to go LIVE !!


Hi, thanks a lot.
So in short (correct me if i am wrong) you need me to upgrade the site source and db with an empty files folder, locally, and then use that source and database for the live site and it will work?



Look ,

  1. Download your_db_name.sql and your current source first.
  2. Setup you site locally with empty files folder …
  3. Now upgrade your source to latest CB version
  4. Run cb_install to make your local site upgarded to latest version
    If everything Runs fine @ local
    You can update your live site by:
  5. Updating your source to latest CB version , make sure your files folder do not get disturbed it should be unchanged .
  6. Then Go cb_install on your live site

Everything will go fine :slight_smile:


Thank you so much.
Ok i updated the source and database, with an empty files folder.
Then i uploaded the files folder the way it was on my previous install.
However still no videos show up on the front or back.

Am i missing something?


Have you ever COMPARED your table cb_video, like I said? (I DIDN’T said, to overwirte it) I also had the problem, but cannot remember what I did exactly


I am not sure what to look for? You mean tables inside cb_video that are in the old one that are not in the new one?



Yes, maybe this will help (the structure of my working 2.7 installation (upgrade from 2.6))


Awesome, that worked! It is about the missing tables indeed. Videos are working now but when going to the uploaders page the video is not working yet… Did you have this issue as well? Im trying further to fix it and keep this topic updated.


No, my video-upload is working fine :slight_smile:


@mnim85 thank you so much for sticking with me and further explaining what to be fixed. I made sure cb_video had the same structure as the new clipbucket version and now everything is working!! Sooo cool:) Thanks again!


I lost all my videos after upgrading from 2.8.1 to 4.1
I tracked the issue to a date format isse in the database. Many dates were saved as 0000-00-00 by default which was not allowed by later versions of mysql, which caused the sql update script to fail on some tables.
I downloaded the database, did a search and replace on ‘0000-00-00’ to ‘2000-01-01’, upladed the database, then upgraded with no issues.
Hope this helps someone.


To solve the problem of not showing the videos in frontend and also the admin is to execute the index queries which are available in the structure.sql database in the following location:

After executing the index queries in phpmyadmin, the videos will show.
Make sure to change the {tbl_prefix} with your tables prefix (mine was tbl_, yours may be cb_ or any thing else).