Video files or thumbnails do not show 2.8.3


Hello. i found out that none of my videos show anymore. The video files do not show in admin panel – video manager and nothing shows on my site. The video count however shows in admin panel. the video files are also on my server and my database table for videos shows my videos. correctly this is my videos page. it has the numbers signifying there are videos, but it isnt getting any video title, name or thumbnail

please HELP


Please someone help me.


Did you ugraded to V 2.8.3?
This issue could be because of that, the upgrade was not done properly.
Follow this guide for proper upgrade:


The problem started before i upgraded. I was hoping the upgrade will solve it. Now. I see the total number of videos in my admin and video pages. But no video thumbnail, title or video shows.


that is my videos page. It is numbered so obviously there are videos this is my videos page in admin. Still numbered. SO there are videos

i had some pending videos for authorization. It still sees that. But no video shows there.

Please help


I also recently repaired my video table in my database in php my admin.i still see the videos there and in my server. Please i need help!!!


i just checked that my links are not broken. links to videos actually work and the videos play. But i cannot see the videos and thumbnails in homepage featured videos/ videos page and in admin video manager and inactive videos.



Another update. video name and thumbnails in editor’s pick shows in admin page and also shows in homepage when i activate the editor’s pick plugin. they also play when i select the video. however videos do not still show in recent videos, featured videos, related videos nor in video manager or inactive videos in admin page.



No assistance at all?


As explained earlier the issue is because of the upgrade not done properly, If the files are lost during upgrade they cannot be recovered.


my videos are not lost. they are in my server and they still show in some places on the website. this is ‘latest videos’ on a user’s account. and videos shows here


i also activated editor’s pick and videos show there. but my videos are not generally showing on featured videos, recent videos, related videos and in video manager


Check database connection.


i have gotten this fixed. however now, when i upload videos, they upload successfully but the videos do not show at all in site. but after uploading it says @uploaded successfully"


How did you got it fixed? I have upgraded from 2.8 to 4.1 and the same problem here. Please advise.
I have migrated the database manually.



The solution was to execute the index queries which are available in the structure.sql database in the following location:

After executing the index queries in phpmyadmin, the videos will show.
Make sure to change the {tbl_prefix} with your tables prefix (mine was tbl_, yours may be cb_ or any thing else).