Videos don't show in every parent category


It is probably a bug so I report You this.
This video
is uploaded in category Adult Comedies
Hierarchy of categories for it looks like this:
Traillers / Latest / Comedy / Adult Comedies.

We can see this video only in:
Adult Comedies, Comedy (parent category for Adult Comedies), and Latest (parent category for Comedy).

We can’t see this video in Traillers (parent category for Latest and one of main categories).

I think it should be seen in every parent category. I would like that.I report you this because it is important thing to me. I’m planning to give my users possibility to assign video only to one category.
Please let me know, if you going to fix this.
Thank you in advance
Best regards


Thank you for your recommendation, We will discuss this with our team.


Thank you for quick response. Please let me know when you fix this issue.


This is an enhancement and we will discuss it with the team and hopefully it will be implemented in a future version.


Ok. Let me know when you make a decision.

I only add one conclusion. This enhancement already exist (but of course, not entirely functional) & is good idea to go in this direction.
If you decide not to improve that, I think you should go in opposite direction - videos schould display only in categories, where were added.
One or another. Leaving this half working is confusing for the users.
I know I’m probably sound annoying :slight_smile: but I just want one thing, you naturally also - that clipbucket become a perfect product.



This issue is still present.
Video shows only in 2 parent categorries up.