View_item (photo) is blank



I can’t put a link as it is a adult content site.

Everything works but if I click on a photo the page shows only the header and footer but the content is blank, also nothing in the source.
The URL looks fine thought


I re-upload the template files, check the folder, check the DB but can’t find the problem everything looks fine.

Any ideas ?



I have the same problem. It doesnt work in all templates. Did you fix it yet?


If is not adult content post the link so the community can check this but if as an adult content open a ticket or send me the Link private if is a adult content website.

By the way I’m not a member of the ClipBucket Team but maybe I can help to you to solve your issue.


I checked on my website if is there the same issue on my website are not the same issue. Please post the code of photos.html here maybe the user can find the mistake.


It isnt in photos.html. I dont send to you because support fomats are just jpg, jpeg, png and gif.

How can I do that?


I think it is in photos.html of the theme directory I think there is the mistake. You can upload your photos.html file here if you not can’t upload it then make a zip and upload it and poste the link here, thanks