Vooplayer or Vzaar to host the embedded videos

Has anyone used Vooplayer or Vzaar to supply their videos? I pay for a dedicated server and it is several hundred dollars per month. This gives me room for thousands of videos and huge bandwidth. But these services and maybe others advertise plans that are a fraction of what I am paying. They serve the videos for embedding and display their own customizable player. I tried one on CB and it works just fine.

So could CB be installed on a free or cheap service, and then all the videos be embedded from another host. I already have some of my videos hosted on youtube and that works.

I understand there are more steps in the upload process as I first have to upload to one of these hosting services and then upload again via embedding with CB. But since my viewers never upload that is not a problem for me.

So, back to the original question. Has anyone used Vooplayer or Vzaar?