What means "Request Cancellation"?



In my “Client Area”, i have 3 products (not working of course), there’s noticed “Request Cancellation” for each product, what does it means ? are you going to refund me if i request cancellation ? :)))))))


If you cancel an order within 7 days, you will get a refund as we have a 7 days money back guarantee but generally, cancellation is just to end the service and its primary use is with recursive purchaes like our Monthly plans.


Thank you Ali for reply, i never used the most expensive plugin that I bought (250$) + VAT 50$, no luck with this, i don’t ask for any refund, it’s tool old now, it does not matter, i was just curious about this


Thats okay but You can use the credit of all your previous purchases to upgrade to any of the new premium plan whenever you want.


Thanks for the offer my dear Ali but the price still too expensive, can’t invest more with so negative results, also there are some plugins in the package i don’t need and wondering if the script is working fine …


Dear Vesonito,

As you know that ClipBucket is a big application with multiple modules and features and the premium version gets regularly updated, I cannot give you a guarentee that you won’t find any issue, you will face small bugs or issues everynow and then but I can guarentee you that you will always find continues support and updates for such issues and I can also guarentee you that there will be no functional issue, this was one of the reason to go for a seperate premium version as it is easy for us to update, we don’t have to release a new version for each update and we will offer continues suupport for bugs.

Thank You.