When upload video first category is already selected


When we upload video, the first category is already selected.
User must deselect it every time, and it is easy to overlook it or forget about it.

Maybe someone have an idea how to change that.
How to make the first category not be automatically selected.

Thanks in advance.
Cheers :slight_smile:


You must have one default category which is auto selected, if you won’t have a default category your video will not be submitted if user forget to select one.


It would be good for my website. I would like that video not be submitted if user forget to select any category.

Can you guide me where to make changes to achieve that?


Here is the developers documentation: https://clipbucket.com/docs/knowledgebase/clipbucket-developers-documentation/


You can try a trick that I am using to get around this.

I created a category called “Recently Added” and made it a default category. Anyone not selecting a different or second category will cause the video to always show up in the recently added category for easy reviewing and replacement in different category.


It is a quite good approach.
But how exclude this “extra” category from display in dropdown menu on videos page. It would be great then.