Where are the embed player settings for the CB HTML5 Player 2.7

I have set the default player to the HTML5 player. It works fine on the site, but when I embed the video it plays at Width 300 and height at 250 with auto play enabled. I changed the embed settings on the Player setting page under Templates and players to width 500 and height 450 with auto play disabled. Are the embed player settings for the HTML5 player stored somewhere else? I ever manually edited the embed_player.php file and it did not take those settings either.

Thanks for any help.

The recommended player is Video JS.

I would use that one, but the video controls do not show up on the watch video pages. I can only play and pause the videos, but the controls do show up on the embeded video. The appear to be covered over by the title bar and are in accessible. Shortcut keys do not work either. See my other posts about the JS player. I have tried IE, Chrome, Firefox and Edge. they all have the same issue with the controls not showing up.