Who can install ffmpeg etc etc on centos 7 w cpanel


Hi does anyone know how to install ffmpeg and required codecs for latest clipbucket
I have centos 7 w cpanel vps. Tried autoinstaller not working for me.

How.much ??


Check this here maybe this will help you https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=48930


Hi @Trabzon61 i tried this not working, but thanks for link

, now I switch to new server and control panel >> plesk and centos 7

just install ffmpeg for another script and that works but nor try clipbucket needs mp4box ffprobe etc etc so i woulod have to reset ffmpeg also i believe. anyone can make install of all ffmpeg etc etc and install cb script

with latest vulnerability issues

and make sure it is fixed and make it work ?

anyone now what version php exactly to get script to work ? i see lots of people complain about new v4 not working… seems not to much action on forum like we use to have years ago… ?